About ATCP

We are people from Turkey and Armenia whose common ground is cinema. We love cinema. Not only do we love cinema, we also believe in the power of cinema to heal, reconcile and make peace. We believe that cinema can help us say things we were not able to for decades, and help us get to know one another. Not only do we believe, we also act on it!

Our Supporters

Since its first meeting in April 2008, and the official announcement in April 2009, the Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform has received support from Açık Toplum Vakfı (Open Society Foundation), Global Dialogue, British Consulate in Yerevan, United Nations Representation in Armenia, Gulbenkian Foundation, Eurasia Partnership Foundation and Chrest Foundation. We hereby thank all of our supporters.

Supported by the Open Society Foundations –With Contribution of the Arts and Culture Program of Budapest

A Blurry Pastel Painting
After This Day
The Oud Maker