About ATCP

We are people from Turkey and Armenia whose common ground is cinema. We love cinema. Not only do we love cinema, we also believe in the power of cinema to heal, reconcile and make peace. We believe that cinema can help us say things we were not able to for decades, and help us get to know one another. Not only do we believe, we also act on it!


Director: Devrim Akkaya
Screenwriter: Devrim Akkaya
Director of Photography: Meryem Yavuz
Editor: Ebru Karaca, Erdal Bilici
Producer: Cem Doruk
Production Co.: Aheste Film

Devrim is a yoga instructor based in Istanbul. She takes part in a form of therapy that investigates the effects of family traumas, such as migration, child death, murder and rejected individuals, on future generations. Here, she discovers that one of the reasons for her feelings of loneliness, lack of belonging, resistance to starting her own family is inherited from her Armenian great grandfather who was adopted in 1915. When she shares this with her family, she learns that the grave of her great grandfather Yusuf is in the cemetery of the unknowns in an unidentified spot.


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