About ATCP

We are people from Turkey and Armenia whose common ground is cinema. We love cinema. Not only do we love cinema, we also believe in the power of cinema to heal, reconcile and make peace. We believe that cinema can help us say things we were not able to for decades, and help us get to know one another. Not only do we believe, we also act on it!


Director: Derya Durmaz
Screenplay: Derya Durmaz
Cast: Emmy Vardanyan, Armen Sargsyan
Producers: Emine Yıldırım, Derya Durmaz, Aram Khachatryan, Averik Avanesyan
Consulting Producer: Avo John Kambourian

Ziazan is the story of a little Armenian girl who decides to go on an adventure and attempts to sneak in from Armenia to Turkey inside her uncle's luggage, in order to go get some of her favorite chocolate cream. Will she be able to go over the closed borders between the two countries and realize her adventure?


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