About ATCP

We are people from Turkey and Armenia whose common ground is cinema. We love cinema. Not only do we love cinema, we also believe in the power of cinema to heal, reconcile and make peace. We believe that cinema can help us say things we were not able to for decades, and help us get to know one another. Not only do we believe, we also act on it!

Meetings in 2011

April 2011 – Seventh Meeting...
ATCP focused on documentary in its 2011 Istanbul Meeting. With the support of Eurasia Partnership Foundation, 8 projects were selected from the applications to the Documentary Support Fund and these projects were presented on April 11-12, 2011. At the end of the meeting that will coincide with the Istanbul Film Festival, Wonderful, Very Nice" Project of Lusin Dink and Soner Alper was awarded with 30.000 dollars. Jury Special Award were given to Arthur Bakhtamyans project called, A One Years Eve Journey The films are planned to be completed by 2012.

April 2011 – Istanbul Meeting Participants
Özgür Çiçek, Ege Edener, Nigol Bezjian, Tigran Paskevichyan, Veli Kahraman, Arthur Bakhtamyan, Elif Turhan, Eylem Kaftan, Doğan Ertuğrul, Lilit Gasparyan, Arka Manukyan, Abdurrahman Öner, Lusin Dink, Soner Alper

July 2011 – 8th Meeting
9 documentary projects were selected to participate in our 8h meeting at Yerevan- Golden Apricot International Film Festival. Most of the projects were about roads and journeys. During the workshop Nurdan Arca, Amanda Feldon and Olena Fetisova had one-to-one meetings with the participants. The next day the participants presented their film projects to the jury. This year, the international jury members were Amanda Feldon- Film Director from UK, Bianca Taal -Binger Filmlab, Çigdem Mater- Anadolu Kültür, Hussain Currimbhoy -Sheffield Doc/Fest, Nurdan Arca -Ajans 21, Olena Fetisova- Boat Meeting Co-Production Market, Susanna Harutyunyun- Artistic Director of GAIFF, Timothy D. Straight -Royal Norwegian Honorary Consul in Armenia. At the end of the meetings, Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform decided to support Adrineh Gregorian and Vahe Ohanyan’s project “Back to Gürün” with 6000 USD. Gregorian and Ohanyan’s project tells the story of a young woman who travels to her fatherland Sivas- Gürün for the first time in hope of finding her roots. Back to Gürün will be shot and finished by the end of 2012. The 8th meeting of Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform in Yerevan was supported by Eurasia Partnership Foundation and USAID.

July 2011- Yerevan Workshop Participants
Suzan Meryem Rosita Kalayci, Vardan Hakobyan, Adrineh Gregorian, Vahe Ohanyan, Ara Shirinyan, Tigran Paskevichyan, Artur Sarkissyan, Anahit Mkrtchyan, Helen Walter-Kurkjian, Norik Keshishian. Sayat Dağliyan, Burag Peksezer, Jeff Kalousdian

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